Our Story

About 10 years ago people had to search for a good quality writing paper as there were few brands providing a world class writing experience.

Very few companies at that time provided exercise books which could not satisfy the needs of the people who were looking for good quality products. At that point of time a company entered the market to fulfil the needs of the people and provide a better writing experience.

Chhaya stationeries Pvt. Ltd. following the path of success shown by Chhaya Prakashani Pvt. Ltd. under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Sumit Biswas and Mrs. Shaleni S Biswas came into the picture. This company is now familiar under the name of Easy Note stationery Pvt. Ltd. Their product offering in the form of exercise books came into the market under the brand named Klassnote™ and is now a favourite among connoiseurs who love writing.

There are about 170 different products which are associated with the brand name Klassnote™. The Klassnote™ brand name is not only famous in the retail market but is also the most preferred among schools and educational institutions as about 250 schools provide customized copy of the Klassnote™ books to their school students.

Easy Note stationery has a very dynamic and energetic sales team under the leadership of Mrs. Shaleni S Biswas. Presently, the company is marketing its brand in the states of WB, Bihar, Odisha, Assam, Tripura and other adjoining states. The company now aims to market its product all over India The company has an ambition to become the market leader in the stationery segment within a span of 3-4 years.

What We Do ?

Product Range

We have about 170 products under the Klassnote brand. Whether you are student or a professional, an artist or a lab scientist; we have got you all covered. Each one of our products come with a promise of world-class writing experience.

Customized Books

We like to make things personal and so Klassnote has started customizing exercise books for school and educational institutions. We are currently offering various schools the option to have their students enjoy our world-class products offered through their institutes in customised form.

Delivery Network

We have an excellent delivery system to make sure our products reach locally and nationwide. We have partnered with a delivery company to ship our products right to the door step of our distributors.

Girl Child Education/CSR

As a socially responsible company we offer 5% of our profits towards the education of girl child in India. We understand that educating a girl child can have far-reaching effects and have a positive impact on the overall economy and the country.

Shaleni S Biswas

Director, Easy Note Stationery Pvt. Ltd.

Shaleni S Biswas started her professional growth straight out of school. An entrepreneur at heart she tried her hand in an array of industries before being introduced to publishing by her husband, Sumit Biswas, Founder of Chhaya Prakashani. As a husband and wife power duo Shaleni and Sumit grew Chhaya Prakashani from scratch into a brand that every Bengali house hold is well aware of today. After the partial disinvestment of Chhaya Prakashani to S Chand, Shaleni stepped down as the director and took over the stationery division of Chhaya Prakashani. It is from here that Easy Note stationery came into being and has grown bigger ever since. She is truly a lady who believes in quality, innovation and learning.

Shaleni has been a part of panel discussions as a guest speaker by the Indian Chamber of Commerce to speak regarding women Entrepreneurship. She has also been a part of panel discussions as guest speaker by CII Indian Women Network to speak on women in alternative professions.

Shaleni had to learn the hard way when she started her entrepreneurial journey from scratch. She worked hard and learned everything about the publishing industry from the bottom up. She worked with her sales team to visit customers and distributors first hand to better understand the market. This unforgettable experience Is what has made her the person today that she is. Similarly, she wants to provide the same kind of support to the society that had once aided her.

Noyanika Biswas

Director, Easynotes Pvt. Ltd.

Noyanika Biswas, the backbone of innovation in Klassnote’s family. She has done her masters from Bristol University, England and returned to India to work for the betterment and welfare of education in India. She shoulders the responsibility of transforming the writing experience by ensuring quality notebooks at an affordable price. Noyanika has always been a step ahead in understanding tomorrow’s demand and has revolutionized the way we function at Klassnote. She believes in the philosophy of making fun and learning co-exist.

Rabindra Nath Paul

Director, Easynotes Pvt. Ltd.

About 10 years back a man enrolled in the Accounts Department with a dream to do something special in the Accounting System as well as in the Billing section. As days passed the Company became significant and smart in its Accounts Policies. The man behind the show is no one but Rabindra Nath Paul. A man with tremendous enthusiasm and energy, who always thinks and acts for the betterment of the Company. The distance cannot stop him from coming to the office on a regular basis in perfect time. This enthusiasm rewarded the man in a very responsible and dreamed position as Company’s Director. Company is looking forward to achieving new heights with his actions and techniques.